The Armenian Republican Association (ARA) serves as a conduit for conservative leaning American-Armenians throughout the United States. The goal of the organization is to educate fellow American-Armenians, serve as a representative to the Republican party, support candidates, and increase Republican voter registration. With supporters from California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington D.C., ARA is the main focal point for all Republican American-Armenians.

The Armenian Republican Association works alongside community leaders, political organizations, and elected officials all across the United States to elect Pro-Armenia Republicans.

"I am proud to support the Armenian Republican Association, which is the core organization uniting Armenian Republicans all across the United States. I urge the Armenian Republican community to unite and be the powerful community that it is. The days of Governor Deukmejian and Senator Dole were the pinnacle of the Armenian Republican cause, now is the time to fill the void and elect strong pro-Armenia Republicans to office."
Michael D. Antonovich
Former Los Angeles County Supervisor
5th District
"Congratulations to the Armenian Republican Association for building upon the leadership of Governor George Deukmejian in California and New Jersey State Assembly Speaker Chuck Haytaian and Armenian Republicans in states across America who still today lead the country by applying the basic principles making ours the greatest nation in history. I look forward to ARA becoming a national force in Republican politics."
Kenneth Khachigian
Executive Speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan and Senior Aide to President Nixon
"It's my honor to support the Armenian Republican Association. I am so pleased that the organizers are all first class individuals dedicated to our shared values, electing great Republicans, and representing issues especially important to the Armenian community. With all the strife and struggles that are going on at the present time, we are fortunate to have such a great national organization."
Dr. Richard Sherman
Los Angeles County Republican Party
"I am proud to support the Armenian Republican Association and their mission in engaging and turning out the vote of Republican Armenians in crucial swing districts like mine."

Mike Garcia
United States Congressman
25th Congressional District of California