Board of Advisors

Kenneth Khachigian
Political Consultant & Attorney

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Kenneth L. Khachigian is a former speechwriter for Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and has served as a Senior Advisor to many other politicians and political candidates, including President Nixon and Governor George Deukmejian

Kenneth began his career in American public service in the white house at 25 years old. Soon after, he served as the Deputy Special Assistant under President Nixon. In 1981, President Reagan commissioned Kenneth to Special Consultant to the President as a Chief Speechwriter. Kenneth wrote many speeches for President Reagan, including President Reagan’s First Inaugural Address, his three main economic speeches, and the welcome home speech to the Iranian hostages. 

Kenneth was a senior advisor and a key strategist for George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson, both of which were Governors of the state of California. He served as National Senior Adviser to presidential nominee Robert Dole in 1996 and Senator John McCain in 2000. 

Kenneth Khachigian continues to be a role model for many young Armenian-Americans who are involved in politics.