November 2, 2020

Statement For Florida Regarding Trump Administration Support for Artsakh

November 2, 2020

The Armenian Community of Florida wants to express its appreciation to the Administration of President Donald Trump for its strong support of the rights of the people of Artsakh to live in freedom and dignity.

As the world’s first Christian nation, Armenia has had to fight for its survival since the beginning, facing waves of persecution. And about 100 years after Turkey committed genocide against the Armenian people, the Turkish-backed government of Azerbaijan is threatening to annihilate the Armenians of Artsakh.

The Republic of Arstakh has been self-governing, protected by Armenian forces since a ceasefire more than 25 years ago following a war after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. These Armenian troops have been the last line of defense for the people of Artsakh, who face an existential threat from Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The Trump Administration has stepped up for Armenians, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo personally negotiating the latest ceasefire—which Azerbaijan immediately violated.

Armenia has always stood with the people of Florida, and so many Armenians have moved to the Sunshine State and have become an integral part of civic life and government. We are proud Armenian Americans and commend the Trump Administration and the people of the United States for standing with us.

“The Republican Party protects Christian values around the world, and we have seen that yet again with the Trump Administration stepping up for the people of Artsakh,” said Alexander Keledjian and Lily Movsisyan of the Armenian Republican Association. “We are proud to support Republicans up and down the ballot in this election.”

“Florida is the big prize of the swing states and is always close,” said David Ter-Petrosyan of the Armenian Republican Association. “Armenians need to come out and support the Trump Administration and Republicans throughout the state to ensure the people of Artsakh remain safe.”